Christian Apologetics Course

HOPE PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL INTRODUCTION TO CHRISTIAN APOLOGETICS A survey of Christian Theology and the necessity of defense of the Christian faith. A theological and philosophical study and defense of the Christian faith as it is related to naturalistic humanism and the various religions of the world with emphasis on the necessity of the deity of … Continue reading Christian Apologetics Course


HOPE Presbyterian School 2020/2021 Dual Enrollment

HOPE PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL/SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY DUAL ENROLLMENT PHIL 2003 - PRINCIPLES OF ETHICS An examination of moral and social conduct and decision making in light of biblical and theological teaching. Contemporary ethical issues are addressed. Credits: 3 This course will begin on September 8th, 2020 and will continue through December 8th, 2020. Class will be each … Continue reading HOPE Presbyterian School 2020/2021 Dual Enrollment